The lake settlements of Dispilio, Diokletianoupoli and the Archaeological Museum of Argos Orestiko.

This tour takes us from the neolithic era to the classical antiquity. Starting from Dispilio lake settlement – where we also visit the impressive reconstruction – we learn about life of the people in one of the most ancient lake settlements in Europe.

In this very interesting collection of excavational finds, we will see utensils and tools of prehistoric inhabitants of this area and will obtain information about their diet, routines and the skills of the neolithic era.

We then proceed by bus towards Argos Orestiko, to the archaeological site of Diokletianoupoli and we learn about the history of “the society of Orestis”. The tour ends with a visit to the new archaeological museum where finds of several areas of the municipality of Kastoria are exhibited.

For educational tours we can organise pottery workshops and make neolithic utensils out of clay.

We can add on this tour the petrified forest in Nostimo and visit the Palaeontology museum where rare fossils dating back millions of years are exhibited.

Duration: Approximately two and a half hours

Suggested requirements: Camera, comfortable footwear, interest for lost civilisations.