About Culture 8

Culture 8 was created in order to highlight the natural and cultural heritage of the city and prefecture of Kastoria as well as to inform both its residents and its visitors about historical, archaeological and folklore issues spotlighting, at the same time, the place’s beauty and cultural wealth.

Natural beauty, byzantine monuments and traditional mansions are the three identity features that make the city so distinct and well-known. It is often characterised as the “lake’s byzantine princess” and this is just one of the reasons that place the city of Kastoria among the most important and attractive destinations in Greece.

Kastoria, hosting more than 70 churches, is a “living museum” and the only city in Greece which fully preserves its byzantine and post-byzantine memories. The churches, the monumental paintings, the traditional and neoclassical mansions, all evidence of financial growth, form a unique 10-century ensemble of art and civilisation. The cultural heritage along with the natural paradise in and around the lake which hosts its characteristic flora and fauna constitute a unique combination of nature and civilisation.

The cultural and naturalist routes organised by Culture 8 aim at informing, reminding and enchanting the visitors and lovers of the city of Kastoria.

The founder and leader of the programme, Sultana Zorpidu, is an archaeologist/cultural scholar with studies and academic experience in Germany. She has carefully planned the suggested routes by selecting the most important and striking issues in the history of Kastoria and including architectural sites and historical details that have yet to be discovered even by the city’s own residents.

Culture 8 also organises seminars on issues related to History of Art and Cinema as well as a workshop on Prehistory for school groups (the Neolithic workshop for pre-school and school children).

Please feel free to contact us for any further query on 2467 501047 και 6987 120413